The ZELC Church Community

A Community of Faith

ZELC is a community of faith that reaches out to all people, serving all people and helping to negotiate the complexities and questions of life with a daring confidence in God’s grace and love. Together, we are a church that is deeply rooted and always being made new. We strive for strong, vibrant local ministries that are relevant to our ever-changing neighborhoods. ZELC is a place where God is truly at work building the church. Through our members  we are able to draw upon a wealth of leaders, resources, networks, support, ideas, experiences, diverse perspectives and diverse communities for doing God’s work locally and throughout the world.

Let Me Shine Christian Playschool and Preschool

Provides a welcoming Christian environment where a child can grow spiritually, socially and intellectually.

Let Me Shine Christian Playschool and Preschool is an outreach ministry of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. It has been serving the Salt Lake community since 2002 and is a state licensed and a non-profit preschool.  Let Me Shine provides a loving, nurturing Christian environment during a child’s preschool years.  Children are safe and secure, cared for by the outstanding staff of qualified teachers and aides. Let Me Shine shares God's love with His children and provides a welcoming Christian environment where a child can grow spiritually, socially and intellectually.

Fair Trade Coffee Served at ZELC

For members of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church coffee -- one of the most heavily traded commodities in the world -- is also a matter of faith and justice.

After Sunday morning worship or during an evening church council meeting the deep, rich aroma and smooth, caramel-like taste of coffee can be invigorating for Lutherans.   According to Lutheran World Relief (LWR), some 20 million coffee farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America often struggle to make a simple living and lack adequate health care and education for their children.  One way Lutherans are supporting coffee farmers is by purchasing coffee directly from farmers in a process called "fair trade."  For the coffee farmer today, selling a harvested crop can be tough.  In the free market, they may receive as little as 15 cents per pound,  Through fair trade practices, coffee farmers are earning more.

Coffee is such an integral part of ZELC life, that it makes sense for the congregation to support economic and social justice by purchasing fair trade coffee.  So come enjoy a warm cup of coffee after Sunday worship and know that you are having a hand in fair trade.

Also, you can purchase fair trade cofee at ZELC.  See the basket in the hallway near the atrium.