Church Council

Church Council



Doug Graham,  President



Marsha Gilford, Vice-President
Leslie Miller, Treasurer


Nicole Reese, Secretary  


Michael Chard


Holly Graham 
Terri Moffitt
Ann Marie Mogren
Council Responsibilities

Property Administration - Landscaping and building improvements and maintenance. The objective of the Ministry of Property shall be the proper preservation, maintenance, cleaning, and repair of church property and equipment

Youth - Mission trips, special services, youth events, Pre-School coordination, service projects, fundraisers, retreats, etc. The objective of the Ministry of Youth is to provide meaningful Christian activities, leadership, and opportunities for personal growth for the youth of this congregation and to collaborate with other youth groups within the Synod.

Hospitality & Evangelism - Visitor program, Greeters, New Member classes, new connections gatherings, new member mentors, seek out inactive members. Evangelism shares the good news of Jesus Christ.The purpose of the ZELC evangelical ministry is to support and equip congregational members to personally share their faith with others; to encourage and support a hospitable and welcoming community of faith; and, to provide ways to welcome and follow-up with newcomers so that they may grow into new relationships in ZELC.

Congregational Life - Our life together, including Fellowship, Sunday hospitality, Stewardship, and Memorial administration.  The objective of the Ministry of Congregational Life shall be to plan, coordinate, sponsor, and promote fellowship activities within our congregation.

Worship & Music - Worship is a unifying element in our congregation and we enjoy and support a strong music program.  Council is a point of contact for decisions involving worship and music elements, including youth music, choirs, assisting ministers, altar guild, and ushers.

Mission & Advocacy -  Connecting Through Grace,  we support outreach missions of the congregation and advocacy congruent with the mission and vision of Zion Congregation.