Ruth Nelson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Contribute to the Ruth Nelson Memorial Scholarship Fund today!

The Ruth Nelson Scholarship fund honors the memory of a woman who served Zion for many years as the wife of a pastor and as a contributor to many of the congregation’s activities. Ruth also had a great love for children. The fund is used to support scholarships for deserving students in our Let Me Shine Christian Playschool and Preschool. Your contributions will help the school continue to offer more scholarships and will be greatly appreciated.

Our director, Barb Ballif, was contacted about mid-year by a student’s parent … who arrived in Barb’s office to withdraw her student. Her budget had changed and she couldn’t afford tuition.  It was a tough decision for the family, and the parent arrived ready to sign out her child – who loved the teacher and classmates.  But our director didn’t let the student go, rather was able to offer a partial scholarship from the school’s Ruth Nelson Scholarship Fund.

 Over the past few years, the Ruth Nelson Scholarship Fund has helped many students with similar stories attend Let Me Shine. This year alone, $3,000 from the scholarship fund helped families experience Let Me Shine’s amazing Christian-based education. We need to build the fund back up so we can continue to assist families.  Please prayerfully consider a contribution and drop it in the offering plate.  All proceeds will go to the Ruth Nelson Scholarship Fund -- and to purchase a new big red six-seater wagon, as the current wagon will be “retired” this year.

Thanks for being part of this community.  Thank you for your generosity and support! 

Let Me Shine Board of Trustees